Kerissa Kuis, an international business consultant for spiritual entrepreneurs, believes that life revolves around nine areas of wellness—occupational, spiritual, financial, emotional, social, physical, nutritional, intellectual and entrepreneurial—and if one element is out of balance, it has the power to impact a person’s life.

The University of Wellness, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation in Morgantown that specializes in fitness, wellness education, services, retreats and corporate wellness programs, is now offering a holistic life coaching certification program that trains students in how to coach clients in the nine elements of wellness.

The six-month certification trains students in all the skills they need to be a successful holistic life coach and gives them the tools they need to run successful online and live businesses. Developed by Kuis, it is the premier coaching program that helps coaches guide their clients through transitional times to achieve their highest potential.


“Wellness is more than just fitness and nutrition,” says Kuis. “It’s all areas of our lives. If we aren’t happy on the inside, we will never be happy with what we have on the outside.”

Life coaches inspire the future and are different from therapists and counselors who primarily work to uncover and heal the past. Through meditations, coaching techniques and other skills that are taught in the program, the University of Wellness coaches help their clients get clear on what they want to achieve in their lives and give them all the tools they need to get there. Coaches help their clients uncover hidden blocks that might be hindering their progress and guide them toward a more fulfilled life, all according to their own hopes and desires. With a strong spiritual component, it helps connect them to a power far greater than themselves, a guidance that aids them to be their most authentic, honest selves and helps them live their happiest, healthiest lives.

Additionally, the program trains coaches in how to create workshops, retreats, online programs and more.

“After working in the fitness and wellness industry for more than 10 years and coaching hundreds of clients and wellness professionals, I decided to take my education and experience and put it in one course to help create the wellness leaders of the future,” says Kuis.

This course gives coaches all the tools they need to help their clients get clear on their life purpose. The course consists of six months of weekly trainings, private coaching sessions and guest speakers who are experts in all areas of business and wellness.

Kuis is also offering one full certification scholarship to a West Virginia resident, which is valued at $4,500. Those interested can apply by emailing to receive an application.

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Christina Lenway is a staff writer and life coach at the University of Wellness, as well as a college professor and singer/songwriter. She traded in her red pen after 15 years of teaching in an elementary school setting for college textbooks and a piano and hasn’t looked back. With three original albums written and produced and a fourth one on its way, Lenway is known for her storytelling through song, both personal and universal. Her music can be found on Bandcamp, iTunes, Songtradr and SoundCloud, and she can be reached at

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