We love to have our readers contribute. If you’ve got a hobby, interest, or anything else related to the Morgantown area that you’d like to share in the form of pictures, video, or an article, just let us know. We can even help you get it cleaned up, so don’t worry about your writing ability or editing prowess.

Publishing Policy

Zackquill aspires to be a place of enjoyment and civility with a can-do attitude.

  • Zackquill intentionally narrows its focus on the city of Morgantown and its surrounding communities. This includes both Monongalia and Preston Counties as well as the towns of Mt. Morris and Point Marion.
  • Publications must promote unity, growth, and flourishing of Morgantown community.
  • Publications must remain objective, understanding that accurate and unbiased reporting is an important piece of any community’s civic life.
  • Publications must resist generalization, respecting the multiple layers of diversity that exist in our community.
  • Criticism is a cornerstone of journalism- however, in the interest of the community’s unity, growth, and flourishing, Zackquill stories that focus on community criticism must also suggest community solutions to be considered for publication.
  • Publications must model constructive disagreement to show how our community can honor our fellow citizens with strongly held opposing convictions.

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