The following information comes from Morgantown’s City Hall – for anyone planning to vote in this upcoming April’s election, take note!

MORGANTOWN – Voters in the First and Fourth Wards should be aware of changes to their polling places for the Morgantown City Council Election on Tuesday, April 25 2017.

Residents in the First Ward, who previously voted at The Church of God on Madison Avenue, will now go to the South Side Fire Station located at 228 South High Street to vote.

Fourth Ward residents should go to the North Side Fire Station at 1000 Van Voorhis Road to place their votes. This is a change from their previous polling place at CMA Church on Elmhurst Street.

A complete list of polling places are as follows:

FIRST WARD– South Side Fire Station – 228 South High Street

SECOND WARD– MHS Auditorium Lobby – 109 Wilson Avenue

THIRD WARD– 10 BOPARC Senior Community Center – 287 Eureka Drive

FOURTH WARD– 26 Northside Fire Station – 1000 Van Voorhis Road

FIFTH WARD– 13 First Presbyterian Church – 456 Spruce

SIXTH WARD– 30 Sabraton Baptist Church – 1641 Sabraton Avenue

SEVENTH WARD– 23 Suncrest United Methodist Church – 479 Van Voorhis Road

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