Artist Sunny Dublick is exhibiting alongside Samantha Keith in a duo show in May, with a reception Friday, May 12, 6-8pm, at Arts Monongahela, 201 High Street in Morgantown. She shares with Zackquill about the funny way she ended up in Morgantown, how she came to creating artwork, her independent marketing business, why she likes being an artist in Morgantown and more!

Z: How did you end up in West Virginia?

S: Kind of a funny story…I was living in Philadelphia and took a trip to visit a friend in San Diego. While I was waiting to catch my flight home I wound up striking up a conversation with a guy at the airport to whom I gave my business card. Said gentleman is from Morgantown, and shortly after meeting we began talking and then dating long distance. After about a year of long road trips and bus rides I made the move.

Z: How did you come to be an artist? 

S: Ever since I was little I loved to draw, I really got into it when I started watching Sailor Moon and the Powerpuff Girls, I would draw the characters everywhere I could. Eventually, I got more involved in the arts in high school, and then kept it as a hobby on my own. I have always felt a comfort in art- it’s one of those things for me that when I am doing it, it makes me forget about everything else. As I have gotten older I realized I wasn’t making nearly enough time for it in my life, so I started taking classes to keep me on track. I took an intro class in acrylic painting at the Philly Art Center that really got me into that medium, and expanded on that by taking a course in painting and drawing the figure using charcoal and oil paints at Fleisher Art Memorial. Those classes really kept me inspired and active with my art. From there I just kept doing it as a hobby.

Painting by Sunny Dublick.

Z: How did this exhibition come about? Why is this important for the Morgantown community?


S: As I am newer to the area I started checking out some of the local galleries and happened upon Arts Monongahela. I met Sally [Deskins, Arts Mon gallery committee] and mentioned that I did some painting and got her contact information to send her some sample work. To my delight she liked it and offed to showcase some of my paintings and drawings. It’s the first time I have ever exhibited my artwork, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. I am hoping this will be important in showing a new perspective.

Z: How do you think the environment is for the arts in Morgantown? How do you think it could improve?

S: I’ve only been here for a few months but as I see it it’s a community on the rise. In terms of improvement I would love to see more classes in oil and acrylic painting on a more regular basis! Even if you are an expert I always find getting together with other artists and exploring new subject matters is so helpful in enhancing your craft.

Painting by Sunny Dublick.

 Z: What is your favorite thing about being an artist/creative/curator in Morgantown? 

S: The people! Everyone I have come into contact with is super welcoming and inclusive.

Z: Any advice for young artists in the area?

S: Two things—1. Don’t give up! Half the battle is just being persistent and keeping at it. 2. I am big into yoga and an active follower of Adriene Mishler (she has a YouTube channel that is fantastic- yogawithadriene). During one of the recent practices she said something that really spoke to me. She was talking about how many people get caught up in doing the poses “right” vs. enjoying the experience. I can’t help but apply this to art. I feel so many people are shy or intimated that their art isn’t “good” enough, but really it’s about the experience of creating it and what it means to you. I think it’s important to do the work that is true for yourself and know that there is no “correct” way, just enjoy it!

Drawing by Sunny Dublick.

Z: What would people be surprised to know about you?

S: I am a new business owner! As of 2 days ago am now officially incorporated in the state of West Virginia for Sunny Dublick Marketing. It’s my first time owning a business which is exciting and terrifying at the same time, but I am proud that I am doing it. At the moment I do everything from marketing planning, strategy and budgeting to digital/social media marketing and event planning. My focus is on small to medium size businesses in the area and helping to raise awareness for their brands and convert new customers. Also, I make the best mashed potatoes in the world.

Z: Anything to add?

S: Samples of my artwork and more information on my business can be found on my website. I hope to see everyone at the Arts Monongahela Gallery opening May 5th!

Samantha Keith and Sunny Dublick’s work will be on view from May 9 through May 26 at Arts Monongahela, 201 High St., with the reception, May 12, from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. (

Sally Deskins is an artist, writer and curator. She currently serves as Exhibits & Programs Coordinator with West Virginia University Libraries. Contact her at