This morning, Morgantown held its drawing for the City Council 2017 ballot order. The results are listed below. To find out which ward you live in, and which precinct to vote in, use this google map provided by the city. Zackquill will soon be contacting each candidate with questions, so stay with us for the next month for continued City Council Election news and updates.

Rachel L. Fetty - Ward 1
Ron Bane - Ward 1

Al Bonner - Ward 2
Bill Kawecki - Ward 2

Wesley "Wes" Nugent - Ward 3
Ryan Wallace - Ward 3

Jenny Selin - Ward 4
Eldon E. Callen - Ward 4

Ron Dulaney Jr. - Ward 5
Kyle McAvoy - Ward 5

Jay Redmond - Ward 6
Mark Brazaitis - Ward 6

Barry Lee Wendell - Ward 7
Bill Graham - Ward 7

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